Amazon Kindle

Hardware and Software User Research

Requirements definition
Iterative discount and laboratory user research on paper, electronic, and hardware prototypes
Improved user satisfaction reading e-books

Solving Problems
Amazon's Kindle was originally released in 2007. The product team needed help refining hardware and software design interactions for their new backlit touchscreen kindle

Our UX Lead, Deb Voisin, worked on the Kindle product team over several years. Deb found creative ways to gather qualitative user data leveraging Kindle users within the strict company confidentilaity requirements. She also helped the product managers and designers rapidly refire requirements and designs by building a knowledge base of user behaviors across several short, iterative studies. She studied and helped define features and designs for problems like non-linear reading, page-turning in awkward positions, reading in the dark, and social behaviors around reading (Goodreads). Deb coordinated and conducted user research gathering from formal in-lab competitive usability evaluations to in-home visits and design concept discussion groups.

Deb made critical contributions to Kindle Paperwhite wayfinding features that received glowing reviews in PC Magazine, Gizmodo, and Engadget: “The overall experience is a delicious analogue to actually flipping through a book.”

  • Deliverables
  • Hardware and Software User Research
  • Lab Studies, In-Home Visits, Surveys
  • Concept Discussion Groups
  • Paper Protoyping
  • Discount Usability Testing
  • Behavioral Pattern Analysis

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