IT's Overwhelming Support Tickets

Competitive analysis and home visits
Iterative user experience research and design
Improved customer satisfaction and decreased support tickets

Netgear Router Setup
NetGear had an overwhelming number of support tickets didn't know why why so many users could not successfully set up routers. Deb and another researcher conducted home visits to watch targeted user types set up routers. They realized relatively simple problems were blocking many users from completing setup like pop-up blockers, forgotten passwords, and cabling mistakes. They also conducted competitive usability tests between the Netgear router going to market and other similar routers to get inspiration for improving the user experience. Based on the findings, Deb revised the NetGear router setup installation experience including print materials, CD software, and cable-color and port-label changes for improved ease-of-use.

  • Scope
  • Iterative UX Design for Digital and Physical Items
  • User Research User Research

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