Adventure Bucket List

Making Online Adventure Bookings Easier

Redefined how customers use calendaring systems
Reinvented the activity booking process from zero
Prototype to Visual design in iterative 4 week sprint

This 4-person startup had an alpha version of a web and mobile web site that customers were using to book customers for their adventure sport and travel offerings. The team suspected usability problems but weren’t sure what to do with their limited time and budget.

A quick review revealed that many steps in the “new activity wizard” required footnotes and clients still required help using the system. Clients couldn’t quickly glance at the calendar to see important information like whether any upcoming tours required cancellation or increased marketing to fill seat. We also found multiple places where the system didn’t support key tour operator workflows like printing detailed lists of people confirmed for tour.

Within 4 weeks, we delivered clickable wireframes of all screens and states, as well as final comps and CSS styles. When the new designs were implemented, end-users were able to complete adding new bookings without errors and could view booking capacity status with a quick glance on their phone or desktop without having to drill down. ABL was able to show progress to their investors and continues to use the design today, more than a year later.

  • Scope
  • Brainstorming & Collaboration
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • Lean Iterative UX Design
  • Art Direction & Visual Design
  • Style Guide & Specs

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