About my studio

A Green Office Environment

Born and raised in the San Francisco CA Bay Area, I've always valued the fact that I have been able to work remotely on projects with my employers, producing a smaller carbon footprint onto Mother Earth. My home office is powered by a 6Kw solar panel system, that operates the whole building as well as the Nissan Leaf, my trustworthy electric commuter for those times I'm meeting the team face to face onsite.
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Connecting with nature creates new opportunities

Some of my best ideas occur when I step outside the office, explore on my bike through the redwoods, slide down fresh snow, or sit on a surfboard miles away from another human being waiting for the next set. My peers have considered me an Action Sports Enthusiast! I like to think of it as the freedom I choose in order to completely surrenderer to "what-is" in nature, and fully accepting being "now in the present". This is often when I find my most creative ideas and unique concepts.

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I love being a creative entrepreneur

I thrive on innovating and collaborating with other designers, programmers, videographers, writers, and voice-over artists remotely from Santa Cruz, CA. I firmly believe that a healthy work life balance yields the greatest employee productivity.

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John Doe

Steve Voisin

Art Director and Senior Creative Designer

Innovating digital experiences since 1996.