Activate Mobile

Helping Mobile Users Find Each Other

Helped define both Users & Business needs
Developed Core Meanings & emotional connections
Improved functionality 300% with user research data

Activate is a mobile app designed to help friends communicate seamlessly within a trusted group. It helps its users find each other and meet up without requiring instant messages. We initially defined requirements to include a variety of features like video sharing and event management. We developed low-fidelity prototypes, created scenarios for user testing, and conducted testing with an initial round of 3 users. All 3 noticed features overlapping significantly with their other social groups and expressed confusion and hesitation at the app's uniqueness and purpose.

As a result, we pared down the design to focus on users helping find people in defined, trusted groups within a defined area. New features like notifications when a friend dropped out of the area or when a member of the group dropped a pin to direct the group to a meet-up place helped the app have a clearer purpose.

This app is still under development, with the plans for an iOS 10 version for the Apple Watch.

  • Scope
  • Requirements Brainstorming
  • Wire Framing
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • Usability Testing
  • Design Revisions

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