Build Buddy AR



Augmented Assembly & IVR for Google Glass

Defined and designed experimental UI
Worked with Google Material Design Guidelines
Developed AR experience video

Build Buddy is truly a unique Augmented Reality application that helps consumers assemble products without the need for printed instruction manuals. Users can assemble any product right out of the box using IVR voice commands to obtain a step by step process on-screen augmented in real time, while having both hands free to assemble their product.

Manufacturers can upload existing 2D as well as 3D isometric CAD diagrams associated with their product as well as part numbers for anything they create. With all technical specs, product data, videos and diagrams living in the cloud, each manufacturer can effortlessly implement a Build Buddy into their existing product line.

  • Scope
  • Requirements Brainstorming
  • UI & Interaction Design
  • Visual and Art Direction
  • Logo & Identity
  • Video and Animation

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