Getting Small Business Online
Google HR Recruiting Video

Helped increase % small business visibility locally
Built brand awareness on local community levels
Empathized with SBOs during user study research

Google's internal team in Palo Alto, needed help establishing a creative solution for the new Getting Small Business Online campaign. The team had an aggressive deadline and SOV immediately stepped up to the challenge.

We conducted preliminary interviews with the target audience and quickly drafted clickable prototypes of key scenarios for qualitative user testing. SOV recruited participants and conducted a round of user feedback and reported findings back to the team within a week. The team used the findings to further refine the requirements and clickable prototypes. In pararllel, SOV's visual design team designed a corporate identity for the product and iterated on visual design, delivering final comps to the implementation team well within the project deadline.

  • Scope
  • Brainstorming & Collaboration
  • Clickable Prototypes
  • Lean Iterative UX Design
  • Art Direction & Visual Design
  • Style Guide & Specs

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