Smart Storage Systems



Environmental Design
Interactive Demos and Signage

Increased booth foot traffic and retention over 200%
Promoted brand globally via 5 product videos
Pioneered digital display network from ground level

Smart had developed ground-breaking storage technology and needed help telling the story of their upcoming new memory cards. Smart's goal was to create an environmental experience that played a key role in both delighting tradeshow attendees and achieving their business goals. SOV Interactive collaborated with Smart's booth display vendor and created product demos and event signage in form of digital displays that helped them surface product information, drive foot traffic, boost sales, and increase brand awareness during the Flash Memory Summit.

From a behavioral standpoint, we measured the amount of stopping (attracting power) to determine how many attendees noticed the displays, and viewing time (holding power) to see how long it took to get the message. The attendees were delighted by the visual fireworks, and client was pleased with the end results.

SOV Interactive provided an A-Z solution to design and build a new iPad and IE7-friendly website, tailored to Smart's current Windows based engineering environment for the new product releases at the event.

  • Scope
  • Environmental Booth Display Design
  • Motion Graphics & Video
  • Website Overhaul, SEO, and Development
  • Art Direction & Visual Design
  • Style Guide & Specs

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