Stryker Endoscopy

Stryker Web Application & Microsite

Increased traffic % of product website via A/B testing
Streamlined application process increased efficiency
Deployed web application on budget in 50% less time

Stryker Endoscopy, a multi-national medical equipment company for endoscopic surgery equipment, was overwhelmed with medical grant and equipment requests and wanted to streamline the educational grants application, review, and approval process. The pre-existing paper and email grant application and review process required several transactions between legal, the review committee, the applicant, and the grant administrator.

Within 4 weeks, we gathered workflow and product requirements from the existing grant administrative staff, completed clickable prototypes, and created UI specs for the engineering team for a complex workflow with multiple roles. 4 weeks later, we completed all designs and fully implemented all engineering and started testing on alpha servers.

The entire deployment of the first release was complete within 2 months of project launch well under client budget and timeline. It deployed to production in the enterprise IT environment about 6 weeks later.

  • Scope
  • Empathy towards Engineering and Business
  • UX Strategy & Clickable prototypes
  • Managed End-to-end Multi-role App Development
  • Sprinting Zero to Market in 8 short weeks

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